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Content Creation

Client: McCain   |   2023   |   Scamp/Storyboard, Art Direction, Videography & Editing

Working with Editorial who would come up with initial concepts,
I would find trends to elevate the ideas, then scamp and storyboard the ideas. In the studio or home settings, I would film the assets and edit or design the final assets.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 10.02.28 pm.png

Stop motion - potato salad

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 11.47.26.png

Spooky Season

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 10.01.41 pm.png

Smash or Pass

Air Fryer hacks - over 25.2 millions views

3 part campaign of ridiculous foodie life hacks to compare to how easy Street Fries are to make

For Earth Day, to encourage people to recycle, we created a looping video of recycling chip packets. 

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