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George at ASDA

Own The Word

Challenge: Create a social campaign to celebrate women in a real and inspirational way for Valentine’s Day, International Day and Mother’s Day 2020. 

Idea: As men get older, they get called words like ‘silver fox’ or ‘sugar daddy,’ whereas women endure labels like ‘cougar’ or ‘crazy cat lady.’ 

‘Own the word’ is an opportunity to override these stereotypes and place a positive spin on the words and expressions used to label older women.

My Role: ‘Own the Word’ was my initial idea, so it was amazing to work on the campaign from concept to completion. 

I came up with creative concepts to celebrate women, designed and helped create the pitch deck using mock-ups and helped pitch the idea to the client.

I found real women protagonists, created the look & feel of the campaign and art directed the shoot. To create the final assets I kept within George’s strict brand guidelines, edited the images, helped write/edit the copy and designed the campaign with three rounds of client feedback.


Initial mockups for the pitch

cougar mockup--1.1-red.jpg
cat mockupppp-red.jpg
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