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Design, Art-Direction, Videography, Editing, Idea generation

Challenge: Creating thumb stopping content for McCain.

My Role: From initial concepts to post production, I work across all aspects. Including scamps, storyboards, art-direction, food production and styling, prop styling, videography, editing, photography and retouching. 

Trend: Everyone loves an Air Fryer and a hack!

Idea: We created a viral TikTok of Air Fryer hacks which got over 25.2 millions views.

Trend: Princess Diary's reveal moment. 

Idea: We created our version of this trend using the ingredients as the before shots to reveal the loaded fries.

Trend: Smash or Pass.

Idea: Using the trending sound, we created unique (some weird) chip butty toppings to match the sound.

Trend: Salads in summer.

Idea: We created a stop motion of a (roast) potato salad.

Trend: Earth Day.

Idea: To celebrate Earth Day and encourage people to recycle their chip packaging, we created a continuous looping video of recycling chip packets. 

Trend: Taking the piss out of ridiculous Life Hacks videos. 

Idea: To highlight just how easy McCain Street Fries are, we created a 3 part campaign of ridiculous foodie life hacks to compare to how easy Street Fries are to make. 

Idea: To have a bank of images for McCain we did a 3 day shoot of every product. I helped Art-Direct the shoot and retouched the images in post production.

Trend: Festival fun.

Idea: To create a McCain inspired festival, I illustrated all the elements and helped come up with the puns (after legal shut down Little Chipz).

Trend: Brain Teasers are back.

Idea: McCain product Brain Teasers, to get the kids ready for school again.

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