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Starbucks Proactive

Idea generation, Design, Art-Direction, Videography, Editing

Challenge: To come up with proactive ideas on current trends for Starbucks EMEA region, two months in advance.

My Role: Working as a trio (Creative, Design and Editorial) we came up with ideas inspired by current trends and calendar moments. To bring the ideas to life, I scamped and storyboarded the ideas to present to the client. Taking onboard any feedback, I then art directed and filmed the assets in-store or in the studio, edited or designed the finals assets.

Trend: A current trend on social and resonates a lot with Gen Z are brain teasers, that are just the right amount of taxing on the brain.

Idea: To create organic engagement, we created a Starbucks inspired brain teaser.

Trend: POV-style formats are huge, both as a copy construct and a video concept.

Idea: To celebrate Earth Day and encourage people to use their reusable Starbucks cups, we created a seamlessly looping video where we follow the journey of a Starbucks reusable cup, throughout the day.

Trend: A viral trend is creating dance moves that reflect a moment/sound/ object e.g. “text tones as dance moves”.

Idea: We created our version of this trend using the sounds you will find in a Starbucks store as the subject.

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