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Ecotourism poster image - more lake.jpg (Pitch Work)

The French way of life awaits

Challenge: To encourage people to visit Hauts-de-France. British visitors fear being poorly received due to Brexit so we needed to excite people about Northern France and demonstrate their warmth and willingness to welcome Brits.

Idea: We wanted to show how kind the locals are and how they can enrich your holiday while showing all the undiscovered wonders of Northern France.

My Role: To create an iconic, instantly recognisable look & feel for the campaign. My idea was to use the colours of the french flag - red, white and blue for the photography and design throughout the campaign.

For the poster design, I was inspired by old postcards to use the colours in a minimal, subtle way. The challenge was to keep the design and art direction minimal, highlight the secret spot and for the posters to work with their partners such as EasyJet.

Look & feel moodboard

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